Top culinary experience in Siem Reap

Top culinary experience at Golden temple Retreat Siem Reap Hotel, indulge yourself with a royal Khmer cuisine and international dishes.

In addition, our executive chef carefully sourced, thoughtfully served, the food philosophy behind each and every culinary journey golden temple Siem Reap delivered.

Khmer bless dance

Blessing dance is at the heart of classical Khmer dance and it goes back to the time of Suryavarman II, a Khmer king and the builder of Angkor Wat. The art was performed only for the royal ancestors, being our king at Golden Temple Retreat Siem Reap to experience this blessing dance.

Cook your own taste

Explore a real Khmer cuisine with the professional culinary team, Happiness means knowing new things and new experiences, all recipes are easy to reproduce at home.

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