Premier Double

Each of the 49 sqm Premier Double rooms, at our Siem Reap resort, are located on the ground floor and provide direct access to the pool.

Inspired by Khmer design with a modern touch, each room is fitted with stylish furniture and beautiful decorative artifacts producing an incomparable air of luxury.

Golden Temple Retreat - Siem Reap Hotel Premier Room

Deluxe Suites

Our Siem Reap resort boasts several 60 sqm Deluxe Suites, each with private balcony and stylish bathtub.

These suites are fitted with stylish furniture, ornate Khmer artifacts and modern fixtures offering a superlative ambiance.


Premier Twin

Each of the Premier Twin rooms at our Siem Reap property offers private balcony and luxury bathtub.

Each room is fitted with fine Khmer
artifacts and decorated with a fusion of
Khmer and modern design, giving a unique
desirable feeling.

Golden Temple Retreat - Siem Reap Hotel Luxury Poolside Room

Luxury Double Pool Access

Located on the ground floor our 60 sqm Luxury Pool rooms, are accessible from the pool.

Each room boasts a fusion Khmer and modern decor and is fitted with a range of beautiful Khmer ornaments, producing a spiritually calming atmosphere.